AlMayameen Montessori

Our Story

Salam and a very warm welcome! As a family, we embarked on our Montessori journey five years ago when we were blessed with our eldest daughter Maymouna.

As a family, through imbibing strong local values, living by universal Islamic principles, and cultivating a deep love for the Arabic language, we found the Montessori method to be a true gift both to our two young daughters’ development and learning and to our family life.

Over the years, we have been blessed with building strong bonds with like-minded families and educators. By living the application of the scientific Montessori method, our community has uncovered a boundlessly joyous path to early childhood education, reinforcing Islamic values and cultivating a deep appreciation for the Arabic language and culture.

As we continue to experience the beauty of this mix of local culture supported by the application of the Montessori method, we have come to feel that it is incumbent upon us to serve the wider Dubai community. And thus, to share in our vision and our joy, we decided to open the doors to AlMayameen Montessori.

From our family to yours, we are delighted to invite you in joining us on this wonderous journey of inspired learning.

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