AlMayameen Montessori

Toddlers (ages 1-3)

Welcome to the Toddler Program at AlMayameen Montessori, where growth, curiosity, and cultural immersion come together to create a nurturing and enriching learning experience. Let us take you on a journey through a typical day in our program, where your little one will explore, learn, and develop in a holistic way.
As the day begins, our caring educators warmly welcome toddlers and their parents, ensuring a smooth transition. Through sensory exploration, toddlers engage in exciting hands-on activities that stimulate their senses and foster cognitive development. They touch, see, hear, smell, and taste their surroundings, making meaningful connections and gaining a deeper understanding of the world.
Our language-rich environment is filled with conversations, storytelling, and interactive experiences. Toddlers are exposed to a wide range of vocabulary, building their language skills and allowing them to express their thoughts and emotions.
Practical life skills are essential, as toddlers engage in activities that promote independence, both gross and fine motor skills, and a sense of order. From pouring to sorting, they develop essential life skills and gain confidence in their abilities.
Early mathematical concepts come to life through engaging activities and manipulatives. Toddlers explore quantities, shapes, and patterns in a hands-on manner, laying the foundation for future mathematical understanding.

Creativity and self-expression are valued, as toddlers engage in open-ended art activities, and music and movement experiences. These activities enhance social and emotional development, and allow them to express their unique personalities.

Our nature-focused campus provides outdoor exploration opportunities, where toddlers connect with nature and engage in gross motor activities. They develop a deep appreciation for the environment and cultivate their physical development.

We embrace a holistic approach to early childhood education, nurturing social-emotional well-being, physical development, cognitive growth, and cultural understanding. Our dedicated educators closely observe each child’s progress, adapting the curriculum to meet their individual needs and interests.

At the end of each day your child will leave with an abundance of new knowledge and meaningful experiences that they will be very excited to share with you.

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