AlMayameen Montessori

Casa (ages 3-6)

Welcome to our Casa Program, where young minds flourish on their educational journey. As children aged 3 to 6 transition from the Toddler Program, they embark on an exciting phase of growth and development.
In this crucial second part of the First Plane of development, where children possess a consolidating absorbent mind, we provide a rich array of materials and activities that align with their respective sensitive periods for learning. By nurturing their natural curiosity and supporting their mastery of the environment, we lay a strong foundation for their developmental growth and prepare them for future stages of learning.
Guided by the principles of Montessori pedagogy and with the support of our educators, older children begin to mentor the younger ones, creating a unique environment that promotes leadership and collaboration.
As children progress, they gain essential life skills and practical knowledge, becoming independent and responsible individuals. They develop confidence in taking care of themselves and their environment.
As part of our bilingual program, language and literacy skills are at the heart of our approach, embracing the richness of Arabic culture and heritage. Through captivating storytelling, meaningful conversations, and interactive activities deeply rooted in our Arab identity, children expand their vocabulary, refine their communication skills, and lay a strong foundation for reading and writing.
Mathematics comes alive in our Casa classrooms. Children engage in hands-on activities that introduce fundamental concepts, such as quantities, number recognition, counting, patterns, and basic operations with quantities reaching the thousands. Through manipulatives and engaging experiences, they gain the concrete understanding necessary to lay a solid mathematical foundation while nurturing problem-solving skills.
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